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The best places to visit in Hue Vietnam

The best places to visit in Hue Vietnam
In the past, Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam, which is now a city with green serenity, peaceful but equally bustling and crowed. Hue retains the tombs, temples and many old garden houses that are a few hundred years old right now. Beside of that Hue also has its own characterizes and a beautiful natural environment that unlikely nowhere else. The first sensation of people who arrived and stay at hotels in Hue was like entering a place of tranquility, gently in an idyllic natural setting, smooth, cute and the sweet voices of people living around.

If you want to move by plane and have already visa to Vietnam, you should choose the destination in the Da Nang airport or the Phu Bai airport. The Phu Bai airport also has daily flights to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and vice versa. However, the flights tend to delay because bad weather takes place in the rainy season (mid-October – mid-December). From the Phu Bai airport, you are going to take a 25-minute taxi to approach the center. On the other hand, if you stick to a car, there are many vehicles are going through Hue: from Hue, you can approach Hoi An, Da Nang and Hanoi too.

Places to visit
There are many tombs and great pagodas in Hue, especially Thien Mu pagoda, Tu Duc tomb, Minh Mạng tomb, Khai Đinh tomb, etc. However, the tombs are often separated and far from Hue center, so that you should rent a motorbike or a taxi for moving (about 200.000 VND – 300.000 VND for one tour visits the tombs). Moreover, you will take more comfortable and spread more tired by following these techniques. Additionally, once visit the Citadel; you should go by Cyclos, which will give you a great experience.

At night, you can buy tickets for “ca tru” on Huong River, by doing this; you and your group will save a lot of money instead of renting a private boat to do the same thing (50.000 VND/ticket). If you want to reach the sea, you can take your footsteps to the Lăng Cô beach, which one far away from Hue 80 km and much more beautiful than Thuận An beach.

Lang Co Beach
Alongside Bach Ma Street, you can see Lăng Cô Beach, which has two very nice locations that native people love and tend to play around that are Vũng Vôi and Cảnh Vân. In Vũng Vôi has a waterfall that is very pale and cool. On the other hand, the seawaters in Cảnh Vân are very pale but quite shallow. From there, you can see the Chân Mây port – a new port built in Hue recently. There is another interesting thing you can do in Hue that sitting on a boat in the sunset at Huong Giang hotel (anyway, the experience will better if you experience it in summer).

In addition to some large tombs like a Tự Đức, Khải Định, Minh Mạng, Gia Long… Hòn Chén palace is another great place to go. Even if you are a romance, you can go up to the Thiên An hill, which is likely a part of Đà Lạt city. You can go to Thuận An to approach the nearest sea or Lăng Cô beach, which is quite beautiful place... The seafood is tasty and fresh 100%; although the price is more expensive than Hue but less than other places.

Additionally, you can reach Thanh Tân to take a hot spring bath, which far from Hue about 20 km, or take a sulfur spring bath at Tân An. Finally, Bach Ma national forest is a location far from Hue (about 40 km), where French officials past vacation, high on the mountains that hardly up to the peak in cloudy weather. If you take your children together, then this process will very tough because the locations are far from each other. On the other hand, the tombs are very large so that, you should prepare the transport for your kids.

Note: When take a taxi or Cyclo, you should tell the drivers that you know clearly the addresses you will visit to avoid the money increase (anyway, it has depended on people you dealt with).

The featured Hue food is spicy, so if you are not able to eat spicy food then ensure that you have already prepared your own foods. Literally, there are not too much specialty in Hue. Anyway, you can have a chance to eat “cơm hến” and “bún bò giò heo”. You can ask Cyclo drivers or hotel agents for restaurant addresses.
Although not much specialty in Hue, but the cuisine is also quite rich and diverse. If you like to eat “chè” then reach to “chè Hẻm” in the Hùng Vương street (down from the Tràng Tiền bridge less than 500m).

If you like to eat “bún bò Huế” then go to the Lý Thường Kiệt Street, there is a restaurant here (opposite Lý Thường Kiệt post office), or another one on the Nguyễn Công Trứ street, near Cống market. Anyway, if you like to eat “bun hen”, “che bap”, you may go to Vĩ Dạ hamlet to discover. While “bánh nấm lọc” appear at An Định Palace.

Shopping in Hue
In the center, there are some fashion shop, souvenir shop, gallery, art studio… All of them concentrated in some major streets like Trần Hưng Đạo, Hùng Vương, Phan Đăng Lưu, Lê Lợi, and Mai Thúc Loan.

The most prominent Hue specialties as nem, chả, tôm chua, mè xững, hạt sen, bánh phu thê, bánh ít đen, some kind of bánh hột sen, đậu xanh, bánh trái cây… anyway, tourists can buy them easily in the Đông Ba market, the An Cựu market, the Bến Ngự market, the Tây Lộc market…

Some of the products of the traditional villages such as nón huế, bronze statues, carved wooden furniture… You can buy them at following outlets:

  • Sơn mài Ðông Ba No. 4, Trần Hưng Ðạo Street: lacquer, fine art souvenirs.
  • Nguyễn Phúc Long No. 8, Hùng Vương Street: bronze casting products, pictures.
  • Hướng Dương No. 59 đường Phan Đăng Lưu: Painting
  • Trường Tiền No. 51 Trần Hưng Ðạo Street: lacquer ware, mosaic art, souvenirs.
  • Mỹ Nghệ Huế Thương, No. 26/1 Nguyễn Công Trứ Street: Producing and selling fine art, bone art.
  • Mỹ Nghệ Phúc Lộc, No. 38 Lê Lợi Street: Fine art, and all other kinds.

Silk, embroidery
A silk embroidery shop in Hue

  • The Cố Đô XQ silk embroidery room, No. 81 Trần Hưng Ðạo Street: Manufacturing and supplying advanced art embroidery.
  • Huế No. 7 Hùng Vương Street:  Silk embroidery, pictures.
  • Sông Hương No. 7 Hùng Vương Street: Silk embroidery, souvenirs.
  • Ðức Thành, No. 82 Phan Ðăng Lưu Street: embroidery products.
  • The store specializes in silk business along Le LOI and round up the Huong Giang Hotel, Century...