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visit Con Dao islands once in your lifetime

10 reasons you must visit Con Dao islands once in your lifetime

1. The island of historical significance
Con Dao is the home of Revolutionary artifacts, where nearly 20,000 Vietnamese were imprisoned and exiled during the war. Being in Con Dao, you will see first-hand the French tiger cages and American tiger cages that were hidden deeply in the prison system. When Prisoners are put into these cages, death is only a matter of time due to the frequent torture, starvation, and unsensitized conditions. And that is why people also called this place as “Hell on Earth”. To see the whole Prison System is very time consuming, but luckily, witnessing a few is all you need to empathize with the pain those political prisoners had to endure.

2. Island with beautiful, attractive beaches
Not only famous by those heroic years of the nation, Con Dao is also famous for its many beautiful beaches filled with clear blue water. Nothing is more breathtaking than being immersed in a sunrise or a sunset surrounded by the sound of fluttering waves. Besides those beautiful beaches, Con Dao was also gifted with beautiful untouched landscape, rustic but very seductive.

3. Island with peaceful living
Currently the island has less than 10000 residents and due to its location, it is not a popular destination among Vietnamese travelers. And that has allowed the island to retain its inherent peacefulness. If you want to find a place where you can slow down and enjoy life without the noise pollution yet, Con Dao is your number one choice.

4. The mysterious island
In 2011, Con Dao was voted as one of the most mysterious islands in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine. Similarly, Lonely Planet magazine also placed Con Dao on the list of the world's best and most mysterious islands in 2012. That is to say, there is a strange attraction with this island to the outside world, so Con Dao, with its mysterious power, awaits your discovery.

5. Lovely and friendly locals
One important factor that contributes to the beauty of Con Dao is its people, residents here on the island still carry the essence of kindness and full of hospitality. The one thing that will linger when leaving this island.

6. Fresh seafood
An island with famous seafood dishes that comes to you fresh every day. In Con Dao, you will have the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of fresh exotic seafood such as "vu nang" snail, sea worms, "mam hau" (fermented oysters), moon crab, shrimp, crabs... You can either cook for yourself or have a delicious meal at any of the local seafood restaurants, either way, you will not be disappointed.

7. Scuba diving
Once the most known prison in Indochina, when the war ended, Con Dao became a National Park with over 16 islands and extremely diverse ecosystems. The island is home to many species of fish such as dugongs, dolphins, turtles and plenty of colorful coral reefs. It has been said that the coral reefs here are among the richest in Vietnam. Therefore, scuba diving to explore the ocean and swim with those exotic fishes becomes one of the must-do activities when visiting here.

8. Luxury resort
Con Dao have many of the most luxurious resorts in Vietnam. The most famous is Six Senses Con Dao Resort, just 2 km from Con Dao National Park and 8 km from Con Son Airport. This place is located just outside the center of Con Dao, on Co Ong road to the airport, and has its own beach front. Famously known as a place where Angelina Joile and Brad Pitt stayed at when visiting Con Dao. Furthermore, other 3- or 4-star resorts in Con Dao will more than satisfy you with its scenery as well as its close proximity to nature.

9. Fishing
The ocean surrounding Con Dao provides an endless supply of fresh seafood such as fish and will definitely be an interesting destination for those who love fishing. After a day at sea, you can come ashore to enjoy your catch along with friends and relatives.

10. Watching green turtles lay eggs
Bay Canh Island is the largest marine turtle conservation in Vietnam, sea turtles Chelonia mydas, also known as green turtles or Vich by the locals, will nest and lay eggs on this coast. Watching them lay eggs will be a memorable experience to say the least when visiting this island. Not only that, you will get to pick up and drop the baby turtle back into the sea.