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Dating Advice: Where To Meet Men in Utah

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I had written before about where to meet men.  In trying to identify places where there are various types of men and you have a high probability of meeting someone, I listed to two places; bars and churches.  I wrote about bars before and gave some ideas about what types of bars to focus on and what the reasons are for finding men there.  Now, I want to look at church and why this is also a great place to meet single men.

Most humans have a belief in God.  Whether they are Christians, Jewish, Hindu, Muslims, etc, there is a belief system that they hold to.  Part of this belief causes people to attend an organized gathering of other liked minded people.  It could be a synagogue or a cathedral.  It may even take the form of a ritual practiced in the heart of the forest.  Whatever the form, there are places where men go due to the deeply held beliefs they have.

I can’t speak for all religions. I grew up protestant believing in Christianity so that’s the tradition I am most familiar with.  However, many traits are similar regardless of the denomination or religion.  I’m going to focus on protestant churches as I write this.  I’m not trying to discriminate.  If you hold a different belief, I believe that what I say will still have value for you as well.

Churches are great places to meet men.  You can find almost any type of guy you would like in most churches. There are single Utah men from teens to retirees and all shapes and sizes.  I have been to small country churches of 10 people to mega churches of 10,000 people. In both places there were single Utah men. The fact that I was there guaranteed there was at least one single man but that’s another story.

There are some churches that have specialized groups for single people.  When I suggest that women should think of going to church to find single men I’m not suggesting they get involved with one of these ministries.  In fact, I’d advise against going to specialized groups for Utah singles. Unless you personally like the group, I’m not sure this is the best place to be for the purpose of dating.  Some of these groups will try to discourage dating among the members because they don’t want the gathering to become a place to hook up.

The best way to approach trying to meet a person to have a relationship with is to find a church that you’re comfortable in.  If you find a place where you’re happy then you’ll probably meet someone who is very compatible with you. For example, you probably shouldn’t go to a small Episcopal church if you like a lot of singing and excitement.

Even if you met someone at an Episcopal church, it would probably be difficult for the two of you to share what you enjoy in a house of worship with both of you preferring vastly different styles of worship.

One thing I will suggest is you focus on churches with larger congregations. Although you can meet great people in any size church, the probabilities will be greater of finding a person you like with more people to interact with.  Larger churches also have more activities to be involved in that will make it easier to get to know people you are compatible with.  For example, if you like to sing, you could join a choir.  This will bring you in contact with other people who enjoy singing.

Once you have the church you like, it’s important to become involved.  If you simply attend the services on Sunday, you will have less chance of meeting people.  Unless you plan on walking up to people you don’t know and introducing yourself, it’s better to join small groups in the church or get involved with different ministries.

For example, I used to attend a church that had a softball team.  That was a great way to meet people.  Twice a week we would have games and lots of people in the church would show up to watch.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere and allowed people to interact much more than just sitting and listening to a sermon.

I don’t have any kids but I know lots of Utah single guys who do. Some had been married and now are divorced while others had gotten a girl friend pregnant but never married.  These guys will often be involved with children’s activities. I knew guys that never went to church until they became fathers.  They wanted their children to be taught about God so they started going to church for the sake of their kids.

I’ve seen men drop their kids off at church, leave and then come back when the service was over to pick them up.  If you enjoy working with children, you could volunteer in the church’s nursery or with teaching children’s church. By being involved in these activities you enhance your interaction with men you may like and may want to be involved with.

If you’re not religious you can still be involved with some church activities that would provide opportunities to meet Utah men. There is a church near where my mom lives that has a thrift store.  People can volunteer to work there and it affords lots of opportunities to interact with members of the church and members of the community.

Other churches have activities that you can be involved in such as soup kitchens, elderly programs, summer camps, etc. where you can meet Utah men who are also involved.

These are a few ideas that I believe can be great ways to meet single men.  Hopefully, one of these suggestions can be a ticket to your meeting a great Utah guy you can have a meaningful relationship with.  There are lots of other places you can go but I’ve tried to point places that will increase your chances.  Best wishes in your search.

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