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How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

On bended knees? Over a romantic dinner? While skydiving? NO, NO and unless you threaten not to pull your own parachute if she says no, then NO. I’ve did a google search on ‘how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend’ and quite honestly, the results were pathetic.

Don’t you ever think women would get sick of it? The stupid ring in the glass of wine trick which i’m betting my last twenty dollars and 30 cents that more women actually choked on than actually discovered, or the one where the men goes on bended knees and proposes in front of the entire restaurant (whether to be his girlfriend / wife), which i believe most women are completely embarrassed of their guy’s lack of creativity and wish to plunge their butter knives into their own hearts and shout out loud (while gurgling blood) “THIS IS NOT MY DREAM PROPOSAL!”

So, now you ask, “How then do you, Mr chronic day dreamer, propose i should propose?”

Be Creative. Be Unconventional.

Yes, forget about the sunset scenery or the wine and the champagne (firstly, they’re potentially really dangerous weapons if things go wrong). Get creative, think out of the box and be unconventional. Just a few ideas off the top of my head (nope, i’ve pondered over countless vanilla fraps on these ideas) , i’d arrange for Snapple to specially produce a Snapple bottle that says :  “Snapple Fact #1 [Insert own name here] really loves you and wants you to be his girlfriend.” CREATIVE YES?  Okay don’t steal my idea and *blocks girlfriend’s IP address from being able to view this post*

Another would be from Bon Jovi’s ingenious video “All about lovin you” when the guy asks his girlfriend to come to his office building, before jumping off the top of the building. She freaks out, yes, and prays to God for a miracle, the world gathers and watches him as he plummets down towards the concrete pavement. Just before he hits the pavement (and taking into consideration all physical conditions), he pops out a parachute and on it writes “Will You Marry Me?”. Amazing eh?

So Start Brainstorming!

Yup, start brainstorming people! Of ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, or your girlfriend to be your wife. Please go in that order as i highly doubt you can ask a girl to be your wife immediately -shudders.

Anyway, i’ll leave you all with the Bon Jovi video “All about lovin you” so you can watch the lovely proposal -grins. And since we’re watching something on youtube, i’d love to take this opportunity to announce to you all that i’ll be launching my first youtube video for The Dating Rule Book this coming Monday. I sincerely hope you all would love it and would support it by joining my site (which has no videos until Monday at least) in advance. 

You know those little yellow slips of paper that you carry around in your pencil box to help you remind yourself/others what to do? Yes, they’re called Post-its and guess what, the persuasive powers they have contained in them are absolutely amazing.

Anyway, here’s how you can use a post-it to get you a date. But before i tell you how, let me provide you with some scientific explanations on the theory behind this.

The Post-It Love Theory

Scientists have done a research on the effects of post-it notes on humans and their willingness to comply with a request. The experiment basically constituted of two parts. The first would be to simply put a survey on a person’s desk and wait for it to be filled up and returned, the second would be to attach a little hand written post-it note on the survey requesting it be filled up and returned. The findings are as of the below.

1st experiment (without post-it) : 36% of the people complied on filling up the surveys and returning them.

2nd experiment (with post-it) : 76% of the people complied on filling up the surveys and returning them.

So, what’s the phenomenon behind the powers of a post-it note? Was it dipped into a magical perfume beforehand? Could be, i’d never know. Or was the paper enchanted in an oompaloompa ritual by the Kung Bushmen and renamed : Post-it? Again, slightly more possible but i’d never know.

The Scientific Explanation

Scientists have, however, placed the influential effects on the fact that there was a personal handwritten note on the post-it. You see, the handwritten message on the post-it note has massive persuasive powers. In the era of emails and facebook messages / pokes, a personal handwritten post-it note is rare and quite simply put – wonderful. People recognize the extra effort and personal touch that a handwritten post-it has, and like it, in return reciprocating to it’s request.

What About Magical Perfumes & The Kung Bushmen?!

Now,  i’m by no means saying dipping the post-it note into a magical perfume or getting the Kung Bushmen to enchant it in an oompaloompa ritual would not work, but a much simpler solution is definitely to write a personal message instead, yes? UNLESS, you’re an apothecary or a member of the Kung Bushmen tribe of course, which in that case, please drop me an email as i’ll really love to meet you (and request for a love potion from the former).

Ask Your Office’s Hot Secretary Out

So there you go, the next time you’re thinking about asking your office’s hot secretary out on a date, you don’t have to spend a month recording her movements and another month piecing together your master plan on when to ask her out on a date so it coincides with the sunset and the rainbow (i’m not saying i did this), just write her a simply post-it note, draw a sun and a rainbow (use colors if you want but coloring a rainbow’s gonna be troublesome) and write a little “how about dinner? (:” note for her, but most crucially, and i emphasize this – don’t forget to sign off your post-it with  your name!


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